A BARGE is set to be the first large vessel to navigate the River Foss basin in more than 25 years.

River Foss Society members will tonight board the renovated “Syntan” at King’s Staith in York. The vessel will sail to Castle Mills lock and on to Rowntree’s Wharf.

The barge, which is based in Beverley, is visiting York as part of the Festival Of The Rivers and is moored at King’s Staith until Sunday. Syntan, which was built in 1949, measures 61ft 6ins by 15ft 6ins. The vessel used to carry coal and hides and general cargo such as grain, flour and paper. York’s ghost finder general, Rachel Lacy will be telling ghost stories on another barge as part of the festival. The performances at King’s Staith will take place at 8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For tickets, phone Rachel on 07768734294.