Updated: THE father of missing York chef Claudia Lawrence has stepped up his media appearances as he tries to keep the search for the 35-year-old in the public eye.

Peter Lawrence, pictured above, was interviewed by Kate Silverton on BBC Breakfast yesterday, and later appeared on BBC Radio Four’s Women’s Hour, where he spoke of the shifting focus of the search on to his daughter’s private life.

On Tuesday’s BBC Crimewatch programme, Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway, who is leading the search, said that parts of the missing University of York chef’s life “remain a mystery” and police believe she had “complicated relationships” that her family and friends did not know about.

Det Supt Galloway urged anyone who was in a relationship with Claudia to come forward. Crimewatch presenter Kirsty Young added that some people “may have been protecting her reputation” but said that finding her took priority. However, Mr Lawrence said: “We really wonder whether, certainly recently, she had time to form any relationships other than those about which we know. “She saw her best friend, Suzy, and myself very regularly and she worked in quite a strenuous job. We wonder about it.”

He later told Radio Four listeners: “As a single, 35-year-old, good looking woman, I’m sure she would have had lots of acquaintances that we didn’t know about.”

He said: “I have met most, if not all, of her boyfriends over the years.

“As her father, I’m very proud to have had that sort of relationship with her.”

However several national newspapers featured stories yesterday focusing on what one described as Claudia’s “wild secret sex life.”

On the Crimewatch reconstruction, Mr Lawrence said: “Police are very pleased with the response and the calls.

“I appeal to anyone who knows anything to tell the police or tell Crimestoppers in order that we know what has happened to Claudia.” In particular, he wanted anyone who knew more details about the two potential sightings of Claudia which featured on the programme to come forward. When asked how he was coping as the weeks went on with no news, he said: “On the outside I’m looking normal, but on the inside I’m totally churned up.”