I read with interest the letter from John Cossham (Why it’s non-animal circuses for me, Soapbox, June 2). John feels that horses may not enjoy performing and interaction with humans, but says that dogs do enjoy both.

Rather than staying away from my circus, as John says he will because of his animal welfare concerns, I would like to invite him to my circus as my personal guest, show him the training and stables and exercise areas, and let him see just how much our horses love performing and showing off, every bit as much as a dog.

Misguided animal rights campaigners in York have removed posters advertising my circus, and also removed leaflets offering discounts to people wishing to buy tickets but looking for a cheaper circus ticket.

This is, of course, very unfair on some families who cannot afford to pay full price. Why should the views of a few deprive so many?

Martin Burton, Founder and director, Zippos Circus, Rawcliffe Country Park (beside the Park&Ride), Shipton Road, York.