I HAVE sympathy with the campaigners who oppose Zippos circus as I object to animals being used by people for entertainment.

I am opposed to ‘wild’ animals being used, such as elephants and big cats, as they do not cope well with being caged, and moved around so often, and there is still one circus in the UK which has captive elephants.

Zippos has horses. I regard these as more domesticated than wild, and I understand that horses and people have been living in close proximity for a very long time. We used horses for transport and traction before the advent of engines.

However, that doesn’t make it completely right to use them now, for riding, pulling carts or entertainment.

I might be more comfortable with performing dogs in a circus as this animal does seem to actively enjoy working and playing with humans. My worries with any performing animal include how they are trained.

I urge people to go and see the non-animal circuses which visit York. All the performers have given consent for what they do, which is something no animal can do. I will not be going to see Zippos as I am uncomfortable with their use of animals.

A circus with animals is no more fun than one without, but the human circus is far more ethical.

John Cossham, Garden House, Hull Road, York.