A PHONE mast looks set to get the go-ahead in west York, despite objections from more than 100 local residents.

Planning officials say there is no legitimate reason to block Vodafone’s application for a 14.2-metre (47 feet) mast on the corner of Boroughbridge Road and Plantation Drive.

The application will be considered by a City of York Council committee on Thursday. Planning officer Richard Beal has advised councillors to approve it, despite 118 locals signing a petition against it and three writing letters of objection.

In a written report to councillors, Mr Beal said he recognised the “sensitive nature” of such applications, but said policies acknowledged that there was a need for such masts.

He wrote: “Mobile phone companies are required to provide coverage for their customers.

“In this case an area of poor coverage has been identified and a site is required to provide adequate coverage.

“Seven sites were investigated and discarded. However, inevitably, in order to provide coverage for an urban area, the mast will be in close proximity to housing.”

He said the mast was “some distance” from the nearest school, but was quite close to residential properties. He also said that, while it would be visible to motorists and pedestrians, it was sufficiently “slim-line” to be not unduly prominent.

In a letter of objection, one Plantation Drive resident said he had chosen his house because it was not near a mast.

He wrote: “I live in a flat yards from the junction and chose this flat over one available in another part of the city because the latter had a mast too near.

“Now it seems I am being forced into moving yet again. Whatever the official line is, I strongly believe that people living within a certain radius of such masts are putting their health at risk.”

The planning application will be considered by the council’s west and city centre area planning sub-committee at 2pm next Thursday, at Guildhall.