THERE is a great new opportunity for everyone to improve their local community by using a new law – The Sustainable Communities Act.

This law came into being in October 2007 and sets up a process where councils ask people for their ideas on how to make their community more sustainable.

Councils and central government then have to try to agree on ways to progress the most popular proposals.

People can suggest measures to protect the environment, support local economies or those which promote social inclusion or democratic involvement.

Examples of what could be suggested include promoting local renewable energy schemes, increasing the number of allotments, promoting local shops and businesses or measures to alleviate fuel poverty.

City of York Council is asking people to submit ideas either by attending their local ward committee meeting or by completing the survey on the council’s website at shapingneighbourhoods/

This your chance to let local and central government know what needs to be done to improve your community, so please let them know your ideas. The initial consultation ends on May 8, so please respond quickly.

Guy Wallbanks, Co-ordinator, York and Ryedale Friends of the Earth, Kingsway West, York.