A 93-YEAR-OLD York woman has helped a gliding club mark its 75th anniversary by taking to the skies above one of North Yorkshire’s top landmarks.

Moyra Johnson was one of the first people to fly from Yorkshire Gliding Club’s Sutton Bank base when she took to the air in 1935.

Now the club’s president, she was also present at an event to celebrate the milestone and recalled when she first flew from the 228ft-high base above Kilburn’s White Horse.

She said: “I was 20 years old when I got my glider’s licence. I was so competitive and it meant I didn’t want to be beaten by the boys. I did it just for fun and I never entered any competitions. I can still fly in two-seaters now and I still get a thrill out of it.

“It’s a good life and it’s really exciting to be up there in a glider.

The club was set up by a group of enthusiasts on April 21, 1934.

Chairman Graham Evison said the club wanted to mark the anniversary by attracting youngsters to try the sport, with several events planned.

The club aims to take 75 youngsters up in gliders this year.

Officials at the group emphasised the sport is not elitist, and said they would welcome anyone wanting to give gliding a try.

Mr Evison said: “Flying in a glider is a major achievement and what we are trying to do now is to get as many people interested in gliding as we can.

“It’s not an elitist sport, and one of the problems we have is that people think it is.

“We currently have about 175 members who come from various backgrounds.”