Referring to the item regarding the incidence of injuries to swans, said to be 27 cases this month (Plea to anglers as swan injuries soar, The Press, April 21), I find it rather hard to believe that this can be attributed to anglers.

This is due to the fact that since March 15 no angling activity has taken place on the Rivers Ouse or Derwent, other than the little authorised by the Environment Agency (for trout and pike). This situation will continue until June 16, when the “coarse fishing” season opens again.

The Selby Canal, however, being designated a “Stillwater”, is a different matter, as fishing is allowed during the “close season” on canals, ponds and lakes. The swan pictured in the article appears to be suffering from the effects of items of “sea” fishing tackle, the line strength and “weight” used being indicative of this.

It is, however, nice to note that the owner of the Swan Rescue Centre is now appreciating that the majority of anglers are responsible for their tackle, and that many items may be lost accidentally, or in places where they cannot be easily retrieved.

R Hutchinson
General secretary, York & District Amalgamation of Anglers, St Clement’s Club, Count de Burgh Terrace, York.