THE helicopter flown by Pussy Galore in the James Bond film Goldfinger is on display this week at the Yorkshire Air Museum.

The Hiller chopper was built in California in 1960, by the Hiller Aircraft Company, bearing the registration number G-ASAZ.

In 1963 it hit the big time and became known as the “helicopter with pizzazz” after featuring in its first silver screen role in The VIPs, featuring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

The following year it appeared in Goldfinger where in some memorable scenes, it was flown by actress Honor Blackman in her unforgettable role as Pussy Galore. She is seen transporting the villain to Fort Knox where he plans to make the United States’ gold reserve radioactive.

That was almost the end of the Hiller’s film and television appearances, as for the next 35 years it served as a fleet charter helicopter.

But four years ago it was bought in a somewhat dilapidated state by Bob Hields, who runs Hields Aviation which is based at Sherburn-in-Elmet Airfield and provides helicopters for commercial and business flights as well as for teaching people how to fly.

Mr Hields restored the aircraft and put it into Royal Navy livery – a distinctive silver with orange flashing. This brought the Hiller back into the limelight, seeing it flying over the North York Moors in regular appearances in Heartbeat and The Royal.

Museum spokesman, Ian Richardson, said: “It is great to have this famous and now almost vintage helicopter on display here at the Yorkshire Air Museum.

“The Hiller is back in its original white, just as it was seen in the classic Bond film Goldfinger all those years ago”.

The Hiller will remain on display until Easter Monday, when it will be flown out during the afternoon.