THE shutters at a renowned second-hand furniture warehouse are to be pulled down for the final time as the recession claims another York business.

Stock at The Banana Warehouse in Piccadilly is now being sold off, as owner Dave Dee attempts to salvage what he can of his well-known removal and second-hand goods business.

The warehouse has been a popular spot for bargain hunters for the past 15 years, at one point bringing in £1,500 a day for Mr Dee.

However, he revealed today that the past two weeks had seen the business bring in just £1,800 and he could no longer afford to keep the Banana Warehouse open.

“After 37 years of trading in this town I am going to have to close because we aren’t making enough money,” he said.

“Five years ago I had 25 staff and I am down to five now. I have had to finish some superb lads and it breaks my heart to do it because they are married men with families.”

Despite fears that a recently-opened charity shop next door to the warehouse would signal the end for his business, the 58-year-old blames the current recession for the closure.

He said: “I have been through three recessions and this is the worst. I was telling everyone “we will get past this” but now we can’t. It’s hurting more than I thought it ever would do.

“If people paid me money who owed me it then I could probably get by, but the people who owe me are going out of business.”

The situation has left the businessman with £10,000 of his own debts and he admits he cannot pay his rent on the property. “Our landlords are coming to serve notice any day,” he said.

Despite the grim outlook, Mr Dee still managed to find some of the determination and optimism which have seen him become one of the best-known businessmen in York.

“I think in 12 months the economy will be starting to get better,” he predicted. “I think the world will be climbing out of it after next Christmas.

“I think Barack Obama will be the super saviour of the world.

“It’s come a little too late for me. But if I have at least one van I can keep doing something.”