ENTRIES are still being accepted for the first-ever Rock-It-Ball v3 tournament at Wigginton Squash Club on Sunday, February 8.

Described in America as “dodgeball on steroids”, Rock-It-Ball is normally played by two teams of five players.

Each player is armed with a Rock-It, which looks loosely like a double-ended lacrosse stick with points scored by hitting the opponent below head height (one point) or catching an opponent’s shot (two points).

There are no goals, targets, zones or markings and players can go anywhere on a playing area the size of a basketball court with five balls in play.

Rock-It-Ball v3 is the individual version of the sport with three players fighting it out against each other on a squash court with two balls in play.

The York Rock-It-Ball Development Group, which is supported by the National Lottery through Awards for All, is hosting the open tournament as the finale to its first year and as the first step in the establishment of a York Rock-It-Ball club.

Anyone wanting to enter the competition should email Carl Alsop at idm@iribf.com or phone him on 07929 909934.