WITH reference to “Credit Crunch munch” by Maxine Gordon (The Press, January 17), to encourage people and families to eat out and be better off beggars belief in the present economic climate.

It was noticeable that displayed on the menu board under January Sale, for example, tea and tea cakes for £2.50, coffee and cake £3, that this is a cheaper alternative on a regular basis as opposed to one’s home environment and home cooking. Well, I think a return to the workhouse days would be a better alternative.

One can make a casserole with all the necessary ingredients for a fraction of the cost, with enough to feed a family for two days. If you are on your own, one can freeze the remainder.

It would appear that the present generation and their offspring are not and were not taught the art of cooking even a boiled egg, which is unfortunate with the present recession.

During the world wars, this was an essential domestic lesson, to keep the home fires burning and provide a nutritious, balanced, healthy diet, and one knew where the food came from.

Considering we have at our disposal modern slow cookers, and as a last resort microwave ovens, no wonder we are in a pound-stretcher scenario.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Walk, Huntington, York.