FASTING to draw attention to the Israeli attacks on Gaza (The Press, January 19) although very laudable, will make as much difference as the protests by the many people opposed to the violence and bloodshed have already had, virtually none.

However, there is one way in which everyone can silently show their support for the people of Gaza – by boycotting Israeli goods in the shops.

You may not be aware that those tomatoes or peppers you are buying are sourced in Israel, so read the labels carefully. This applies to all supermarkets. Other Israeli food items available are new potatoes and radishes. If you are shopping in M&S then examine the labels of non-food items too.

If you don’t like the way the Americans are supporting the Israelis and supplying them with weapons, then you might also include such items as Californian wine and raisins, Florida orange juice, peanuts, etc.

The bottom line is always read the label and make sure you know where food items are coming from.

Peter Hall, Turners Croft, Heslington.