I WOULD like to illustrate how the police spend unnecessary money when other areas of the force are struggling.

Last Saturday, in Copmanthorpe, there was a seven-and-ahalf ton lorry parked in the car park outside the shops. It was manned by two PCSOs. They were most helpful and obliging and I would like to give them a “pat on the back” for their community spirit.

However, I noticed the registration number of their vehicle was AJ1. I believe this to be the number used by the Chief Constable. What I would like to know is how much this registration mark cost the police force and whose money was used to pay for it?

Later in the day, following an intrusive visit to my house by a double glazing firm, I phoned the police to ask the number of my local neighbourhood watch scheme and the phone rang 23 times. Obviously manning is the problem and I wonder if this is due to lack of funds?

How can the police force claim lack of resources when they are wasting money on status symbols such as personalised number plates? It seems the police should look to their own management before crying “lack of money”.

Sylvia Dunn, Rutland Close, Copmanthorpe.