MOTORISTS and residents in a York village should learn in the spring whether there is a viable case for giving them a new bypass.

The city’s transport leader, Steve Galloway, said a study into the proposals was being completed, and would be considered by councillors in the spring.

People in Bishopthorpe have called for the new route between Bishopthorpe Road and Sim Balk Lane, to ease congestion in the village.

Local councillor John Galvin says traffic is already bad in the village, with many people using it as a rat-run to get between South Bank and the A64. He fears the problem will get worse if and when the Terry’s site is redeveloped.

In a written answer to Coun Galvin at Thursday’s meeting of City of York Council, Coun Galloway said a report into the “need and effectiveness” of the proposed road was currently being prepared.

He said: “This work includes an assessment of the volume of traffic that would be expected to use such a link, together with the land use policy issues and funding, and additionally will seek to address the other items relating directly to the regeneration of Terry’s, including sustainable transport and accessibility.”

Coun Galvin has suggested that the proposed road, estimated to cost £5 million, could be funded by development of two nearby fields, but his calls have been opposed by his own neighbours on Bishopthorpe Parish Council, who want the green belt protected.

Parish councillor Carole Green previously told The Press: “Whilst there is a great need to address the transport issues in relation to uses of the Terry’s site, I don’t believe that infringement of the green belt with development is the answer.”

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