A MEETING is to held in York on Monday in an attempt to improve city services for people with learning disabilities.

Martin Taylor, who founded the Vision Of Life organisation ten years ago, wants to encourage City of York Council to embrace the Keyring service, an advocacy organisation which helps people with disabilities.

He is inviting people who may be interested in the project to attend the Main Hall of the Priory Street Centre from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Monday.

Mr Taylor said the council was wasting money on contracting services, when it could better spend the money supporting people in need. He said: “If they (the council) spent a day with someone with a low supporting need, they would have better understanding. We have good days and bad days and not being able to access the support on the bad days is quite frightening.”

A council spokeswoman said the authority provided services and support for over 500 people with a learning disability. She said: “All needs and wishes of individuals are communicated via their care management service.”

She said the Learning Disability Partnership Board actively supported the agenda of people with learning disabilities, saying: “City of York Council would be pleased to have sight of the outcomes from Mr Taylor’s meeting.”