Allotment-holders in York will see their annual rent change under a major shake-up of prices.

Some people will rise by up to 52 per cent, while others will fall by up to 55 per cent.

The smaller plots, sizes A and B will get cheaper, while the larger ones, sizes C and D will get more expensive in an overhaul proposed by the council's leisure, culture and social inclusion directorate.

A council spokeswoman said the shake-up would provide a “consistent discount” for those entitled to one, and “remove the current bias towards larger plots”.

She said: “At present a tenant downsizing to a smaller plot receives little financial benefit. Smaller plots are a way of getting more tenants onto a site, reducing waiting lists and improving the overall productivity of a site, but they also have positive benefits for the tenants.”

Steve Brierley, 26, of South Bank, who has a type C plot, will see his rate rise by 39 per cent, to £60. He said: “That is a lot but it is as big as a large garden and we probably manage to grow £60 worth of vegetables.”

Overall, an extra five per cent will be generated from allotment rents. In total, there are 1,000 council allotment holders in York, of whom 500 are in Band C and 410 are in Band B.