THE Press reported the ongoing Highways Agency upgrade of cycle paths alongside the A64 (A64 cycle path steps up a gear, January 15). The agency’s spokesman claimed that eventually cyclists would be able to pedal all the way to Scarborough without having to worry “too much” about the fast and heavy traffic that uses the road.

If I want to cycle to Scarborough, a continuous path alongside the A64 would be my last choice. Noise, fumes, plus the need to give way at every side road junction, slip road or roundabout arm would make a leisure ride into a nightmare. Some sections might be useful where known local demand exists.

The Highways Agency has a very poor track record of helping non-motorised travellers get safely across trunk roads. All too often, they sever bridleways and minor roads.

There are several examples along the widened A1.

More locally, I recall the battle of many years to get a safe crossing of the A64 at Copmanthorpe. The agency would only consider the few cyclists who braved the former flat crossing with the infamous traffic lights, rather than the potential numbers that would use a bridge or underpass. Many months ago, I responded to Highways Agency public consultation about the A64. I suggested that the agency concentrates its efforts on acting in harmony with local authorities, by providing grade-separated crossings where these positively contribute to local cycle networks.

Paul Hepworth Press officer, Cyclists’ Touring Club, North Yorkshire, Windmilll Rise, York.