PROPOSALS to create a double cycle lane as part of the Fulford Road corridor upgrade scheme have come under fire from a city councillor.

The plans include an on road and off-road cycle lane for a stretch of Fulford Main Street between its junctions with Heslington Lane and Broadway.

The idea is that while children would feel safer using an off-road cycle lane, more experienced cyclists would prefer to use an on-road cycle lane.

But City of York councillor Keith Aspden, who represents Fulford ward, claimed the plans would unnecessarily reduce parking for residents, businesses and visitors to Fulford Surgery and St Oswald’s Church.

He said: “The provision of both on-road and off-road cycle tracks running parallel for a significant section of the road to the east of Main Street is unnecessary and will remove important parking provision.

“I will be objecting to the traffic order on behalf of local residents and calling for just the off-road cycle track to be implemented.

“This would still improve facilities for cyclists, but retain council resources and ensure there is still sufficient parking for local people.

Coun Aspden said there was already a shortage of parking for visitors to Fulford Surgery and the loss of on-street parking would make the problem worse.

He said he had also been contacted by the owner of The Acupuncture Practice, at 7 Main Street, who was concerned about the impact on her business if her clients were unable to park nearby.

Other proposals include inbound bus lanes between Heslington Lane and Broadway and Fulford Cross and Hospital Fields Road.

An outbound bus lane between Fulford Cross and Broadway has also been suggested to help improve bus journey times.

Members of the public are invited to have their say on the proposals before they are voted on by members of the council’s city strategy panel in March.