ANNUAL awards were back up for grabs at Pocklington Karate Centre.

Previous trophies had been damaged so the awards had not taken place for several years. But this year new trophies were bought, thereby reintroducing the glittering prizes for 2008.

The award-winners were: best attendance Callum Stewart, best etiquette Trevor Cleverley, most enthusiastic – Craig McDade and Henry Smith (joint winners), best marked kyu grade – Amanda Bowers.

The awards ceremony followed a few days after Pocklington KC’s annual Kata competition.

Competitors were in sections relevant to their experience, grade and age. All the competitors had to compete in two rounds accumulating their scores, with the first round for both individual and team sections being a compulsory Kata and then the second round a Kata of their own choice.

For some of the students this was their first ever competition and their first experience of team Kata. Despite nerves and inexperience all the students performed competently and can all be proud of their performance.

A new section for the brown belt grades was also introduced in which a new Kata was created and taught to the students only two weeks prior to the competition.

This was received with enthusiasm and a big success, with all brown belts performing these difficult moves to a very high standard in such a short time.

Results Junior lower grade: 1 Sarah Mills, 2 Phoebe Driver, 3 Dominic Horner.

Junior higher grade: 1 Callum Stewart, 2 Simon Durrant, 3 Henry Smith.

Senior lower grade: 1 Gemma Newman.

Senior higher grade: 1 Amanda Bowers, 2 Paul Mackintosh, 3 Steven Walker.

Team Kata: 1 Crazy Frog – Amanda Bowers and Steve Walker, 2 Gruesome Twosome – Callum Stewart and Henry Smith, 3 The Strawberry Blondes – Gemma Newman, Dominic Horner and Sarah Mills.

Brown belt Kata: 1 Amanda Bowers, 2 Simon Durrant, 3 Callum Stewart.

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