IT LOOKS like a case for X-Files duo Scully and Mulder.

These mysterious lights were spotted hovering over Norton, near Malton, by Gail and Richard Denney.

Gail, of Springfield Close, said: “We saw the first one at about 7.15pm which appeared for about five minutes and then disappeared. We then spotted the three lights which are on the photo at 9.40pm. They came from the same direction as the first one (Langton Road area) and again disappeared. Then at 10.17pm I saw another two lights.

“They went up slowly, so they weren’t fireworks, and they were very bright. They flickered like little street lights in the sky then just fizzled out.

“They did not make a sound, so they definitely weren’t a plane. We thought at first they could have been weather balloons, but they didn’t move. I’m not saying they were UFOs, I just don’t know what they were.” Mr and Mrs Denney saw the lights last Saturday. “We were just hoping someone else may have seen the lights and knew what they were,” said Gail.

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