YOUR correspondent Peter Roberts asks: “Where is the black cat that has gone missing from the wall above the dry cleaners in Low Ousegate?” (The Press, September 10).

I fear, Peter, after an enthusiastic ‘wash and go’ it has turned white, been ‘dry cleaned’ and went over The Cactus Trading Post, Gillygate York, now serenading a redundant gas lamp!

Peter also asks: “How many more wall cats are there in York and who put them there?” A gentleman called Tom Adams because he couldn’t get near to his work for heat-seeking moggies.

Dale Minks, Ancress Walk, York.

* IN ANSWER to your letter about the cats, they were originally put up to keep the rats from boats coming into the city. There were five cats still to be seen about ten years ago, but they are slowly disappearing.

One is still to be seen on the building at the side of Lendal Bridge. Another on a ledge near an old style lamp along Gillygate; one near Bootham Bar has disappeared, the fourth and fifth are on the wall of a building near Ouse Bridge.

The last two mentioned were found in a chimney by a friend’s brother when they were demolishing an old building. They had been mummified and were cleaned up and painted then placed on the walls and window sill.

I was told this about 30 years ago when on holiday in York. Now I live here and still find very few people know about the cats.

Moira Gray, Huntington Road, York.