A MARRIED father-of-three who donned a blonde wig and slipped out of his work clothes to reveal skimpy ladies' lingerie to train drivers – before picking his children up from school – has been cleared of sexual exposure by York magistrates.

Martyn Alan Lamb was accused of wearing women’s underwear and showing off parts of his body to people travelling on rail services near his home during a six-month period last year.

The court heard how Lamb, 40, of The Meadows, Hambleton, near Selby, would dress up in stockings, a basque, and suspender belt under his work clothes of a shirt, jumper and trousers, on his day job as a self-employed pest controller.

Lamb admitted that on more than 50 occasions during May and November 2007, he would then change out off the lingerie at the Hambleton junction on Whinny Hagg Lane, in Hambleton, before he went to pick his three children up from school.

But he denied the charge of sexual exposure. Lamb, who told magistrates that he had regularly worn female underwear since he was a “small boy”, said cross-dressing was his way of releasing himself from “everyday pressures”.

Prosecutor Laura Addy alleged Lamb would, two or three times a week, stop at the lay-by on his way home from work, and waited until trains passed before he intentionally revealed himself in an act which would cause the drivers alarm or distress.

Giving evidence in court, train driver Roy Hughes, one of three witnesses at yesterday's trial, said he had repeatedly been distracted while driving through the Hambleton junction by a blue Peugeot van parked near the railway line.

Describing the first time he spotted Lamb, Mr Hughes said: “I saw a man dressed in women’s clothing stood by a van.

“He wearing a curly blonde wig and a black overcoat which he then took off and I saw he was wearing a basque, stockings and high heels and a big blonde wig.” Mr Hughes said Lamb then “bent over the van” and exposed himself.

However, defence barrister Neal Kutte said Lamb never “intentionally” meant to reveal himself.

He said Lamb had just meant to use it as a changing point to change out of the underwear before returning home to his wife, who had “no idea” about his cross-dressing habits.

The chairwoman of the bench, Helen McBride, found Lamb not guilty of sexual exposure.

She said: “You admit to wearing women’s clothing while changing from one set of clothing to another.

“But we have decided there is not sufficient evidence that you intentionally exposed yourself. We therefore find you not guilty.”