GHOSTLY mystery still surrounds the phantom orbs captured on CCTV at a York pub after a surveillance expert admitted he could not explain them.

As reported in The Press this week, the spectres were recorded on the digital surveillance system of the Light Horseman pub and hotel, in Fulford Road.

Tenant Janine Robinson, who runs the premises with her husband, Kevin, heard strange sounds coming from the downstairs hallway early in the morning on Saturday, August 23.

“I put the cameras on in the office upstairs to have a look,” she said. “I saw what I thought was a man going up the stairs. I saw something else going behind it and going into the poolroom.

“But when I switched to the camera in there, it was all locked up and there was nothing there.”

Janine had to go downstairs to make breakfast for her guests. But later, she went back to look at footage from the camera in the downstairs hall and saw ghostly orbs floating up the stairs.

Janine called in Anthony Dickens, the managing director of Beverley-based Secure IT, who installed the cameras, to come in and check the system over.

“We do get people ringing up, thinking they’ve caught ghosts and things like that on their cameras,” he said. But he said in all other cases he had been able to explain the apparently unexplainable.

“Usually, if you use infra red lighting, you see a fly or a spider walking across the lens, which can look funny because it’s out focus,” he said.

“Janine rang up and she seemed quite upset about it, but I said, it’s OK, it’s not a ghost.

“It wasn’t until 8pm that I got to look at it. I got to my office, which is out on its own, and it was quite eerie. I don’t really have an answer to what it is.”

Janine said the clip had been on the pub screens more than the football over the last week.

“We’ve had lots of people coming in asking about it,” she said.