A CHURCH has used the renaming of a refurbished York nightclub to put out its own message.

A poster outside St Edward’s Church on Tadcaster Road declares: “SALVATION... more than a nightclub.”

But the marketing people behind Club Salvation – formerly Nexus – in George Hudson Street reckon God moves in mysterious ways.

They claim they are getting free advertising from the sign, which is seen by thousands of commuters each day, and is pictured above, with Club Salvation’s deputy manager, Laura Stephenson.

Its manager, Allan Coleman, said: “Talk about a helping hand from above! This is probably some of the best free advertising we could ever have got and it’s a real talking point.

“A friend was on a bus passing the sign when she overheard two passengers in front talking about it.

“One asked the other what it meant, and in reply was told: ‘That’s what used to be Nexus, it’s reopened as Club Salvation – we’ll have to go.’ This sign really is divine!”