Barring a few grey hairs, I am a relatively young parliamentary candidate. I think there should be more young people standing for elections - bringing new and fresh ideas to our sometimes stagnated political process. While I was recently at the University of York, meeting new members, I came across Claire Hazelgrove, a 19-year-old, second year politics student. From our brief meeting, I could tell she was competent and extremely good-natured.

I just want to congratulate her on being selected as Labour’s candidate in Skipton and Ripon. The 19-year-old will be taking on sitting 63-year-old Conservative MP David Curry.

There are people trying to do good in the community, in many walks of life and in all different political parties. Age should not inhibit people from trying to help others, age is just a number.

Claire will provide a real challenge to Curry and hammer home the Labour principles of fairness and equality of opportunity and I wish her all the best.