So Gordon Brown thinks that giving England its own Parliament will lead to the Balkanisation of the UK does he?

Well he didn't stand up and say NO when Scotland were given their Parliament. I didn't hear him screaming NO when his mob suggested the Balkanisation of England, with the divisive regional assemblies. No, he was quite happy with that.

What really makes me sick is that they keep on talking about the United Kingdom but never ask all of us what we want. Why weren't the Scottish and Welsh who were not living in Scotland asked about devolution as well? Have they become non-people because they had the temerity to move? Well, yes would seem to be this government's answer. So when they finally ask the English what they want, will they also be asking all the people from all the other countries who live here at the same time? All seems a bit odd when the main driver for this is pure old fashioned Nationalism.

We should have given all the UK Countries a Parliament at the same time. Given the House of Commons back to England for our MPs and then got rid of the Lords to enable the UK Parliament to meet there to resolve UK Spending and issues.

I ask those of my friends that are Scottish to forgive me for saying this, but the signs that Scotland was being set up for separation have been growing since our rather Scottish UK Government has been in power. Does Tony Bair see himself as Prime Minister of Scotland in his retirement, or maybe even King?

He gave Scotland a Scottish Parliament, then moved the Army Northern Command from York to Edinburgh (which added about £150 Million a year to UK Defence costs). Tony may have plans to use his New Scottish Army to raise his profile. I'd look out if I were the Scots, as he may well send their armed forces off to fight another fight that none of them agree with, in the name of Scotland.

This is the type of thing that makes lots of ordinary people like me heartily sick of the UK Government. It doesn't listen, it doesn't learn and it only represents the interests of politicians and pressure groups. No wonder we want an English parliament.

The big question is, if we do get an English Parliament and the UK disappears, who gets the best flag in the world?