WHEN are we going to say enough is enough? Animal cruelty is on the increase and every new case is more barbaric than the one before.

For example, young kids kicking a duckling to death (Kicked to death, The Press, June 25). Teenagers burning and tying a German Shepherd dog to a railway line and yes, it was killed.

A poor cat was beaten to death with planks of wood in Doncaster. Then a scumbag in Brighton stabbed his dog 55 times. He only got six months in jail.

Let’s bring back a good deterrent, the birch, for anyone over the age of 14 if they inflict cruelty on any animals. Those under 14, with their parents, should be made them do voluntary work at their local RSPCA centre.

D Fillingham, The Crossway, Muncaster, York.