INSTEAD of eating into the Green Belt (and we need green to moderate climate change) empty properties in York and unused brown sites should be used for house building and conversion. Why are properties and sites left empty for years?

Also, in building new homes - please let them be affordable.

Rose Berl,

Vine Street,


We need the Green Belt for our breathing lungs

Planet Earth as Gia, breathes with choking lungs and this new Labour government grabbing Green Belt land for new housing doesn't help.

Britain needs its breathing lungs too. Wind farm building is a temp plaster fix.

We do live on a fragile knife edge and global warming should be a wake up call.

Until we have fusion power which should be beckoning in our near future, geothermal solutions and fast track small fission nuclear plants should at least hold our bleak future ahead.

Climate change always surprises us with its nasty unpredictability.

Phil Shepherdson,




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