WHAT is it about our society that want to continually penalise drivers with exorbitant penalties over trivial issues?

I have recently been penalised by ARDPark Ltd, who manage the CP at Tower Court on Clifton Moor, for returning to the car park within twenty minutes to collect a prescription from the doctors, not having parked there in total for the two visits for more than twenty minutes both times!

On a matter of health and illness, the last thing on anyone’s mind are the rules and regulations on returning to a car park and its restrictions within a time limit.

I appealed the penalty stating all the facts and that I am disabled with a blue badge which was displayed.

To no avail however, the penalty was not repealed.

What is more galling was that the photo evidence only showed my car entering and leaving the car park, so even drivers who just drive in an out twice within the time limit will be penalised. This is an absolute abuse of power with no leniency for common sense or decency.

Be warned fellow drivers of this car park ruling, don’t get caught out as I did.

John Aked,

Stamford Bridge


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