The University of York have announced that they have raised over £1.5 million for a new community centre.

The new centre is set to offer children and young people of Westfield fair access to new opportunities. The formerly known Sanderson House in Westfield has been renovated and renamed "The Place". 

Led by the University of York, in partnership with Westfield Primary Community School and York High School, the centre is open Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year for a range of free activities on offer including study and play sessions, as well as dedicated time to support adults in the community.

The investments into the new centre came from companies such as Aviva, Hiscox, Persimmon and Portakabin.


Work is now due to start on the centre’s garden to create an area for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Jo Young, The Place centre manager, said: "Although York is an affluent city, not many people realise that the city is one of just six local authorities nationally in which, at the end of primary school, disadvantaged students are over a year behind their more affluent peers.

"We are determined to address this inequity through a vibrant and inspiring programme of activity and opportunity, which is carefully evaluated and designed to meet the aims. 

"In order to benefit more young people and families living in the area, we need more businesses and donors from across York to get involved and encourage anyone who is keen to know more about how they can give to The Place to get in touch."