AN award winning York theatre group is preparing to take on a classic musical for its latest production.

NETheatre York, which is based at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, is set to perform the musical, West Side Story from July 24 to 27.

The story tells the tale of two opposing Gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, and the way in which forbidden love blossoms between Tony and Maria, who each represent different sides – a story that the creative director, Steve Tearle, feels resonates in today’s world.


As with Shakespeare's story of Romeo and Juliet - which the story is based on - West Side Story takes a dramatic twist when a ‘rumble’ between the Jets and Sharks goes drastically wrong and tragedy faces the group.

Steve Tearle, creative director and producer said: “NETheatre are known for creating innovative musical theatre and this production is no different.

“We wanted to create this classic as a timeless piece of theatre as we feel the story itself is as relevant today as it was when it was written in 1950s. We have created costume references, from all from the 50s to the present day, to create this brilliant musical.”

West Side Story by NETheatreWest Side Story by NETheatre (Image: Provided)

“The production will be mainly black and white - only using the use of colour to highlight specific moments of the story.”

Of the main cast: Tony is set to be played by Finlay Bulter, Maria by Rebecca Jackson, Bernardo will be played by Kristain Barley, Anita will be played by Maia Beatrice, and finally Riff is to be played by Kit Stroud.

Tickets are available now with discounts available for families and groups of five or more.