I RECEIVED an election leaflet delivered by the postman. It was a sneaky leaflet from the Conservative party printed all in red.

Are they getting very desperate that they have to try and hoodwink the public thinking it was from Labour?

Why have they deserted their usual blue?

I know two people who this conned.

Dave Lockwood,

Western Terrace,

New Earswick,



Why don't the political parties back British buses?

YET again the parties promise anything and everything for Britain.

One thing has come to light yet again and that is the makes of the party battle buses.

German Mercedes for conservatives Unpronounceable Chinese model for labour and Belgian van hool for Lib Dems.

Don't exactly know what they paid for them but there is a perfectly good coach building firm based in Scarborough namely - Plaxton.

Why didn't they use it?

So much for putting Britain first. No doubt there will be some inflated excuses for the decision.

P.S. Politicians lie for a living and they do it very well indeed.

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,



Politicians do not keep their promises

FOR the past six years, Keir Starmer, his deputy Angela Raynor, likely Foreign Secretary David Lammy have all railed against us having a nuclear deterrent; conveniently for six weeks of electioneering they have all now taken an opposite view – the defence of the nation is a top priority – a flagrant example of people whose adherence to principles is paper thin.

In time, once again, an old saying will prove correct “a leopard never changes its spots”, neither do politicians ever keep their promises.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,



Can politicians please focus on the environment?

IN reply to Peter Rickaby's letter to The Press "What about farming?' I totally agree with him on his point but would like to add that nothing much has been said about the environment in total.

Right now the UK is facing a crisis with its environment, we have rivers that have had huge quantities of sewage dumped in them, we have the EA that receives very little support and funding from the Government, we have animals and habitats that are disappearing, we have houses being built on flood plains and we have more and more floods every year and yet none of this has made into their speeches.

Instead of mud slinging by the parties, please can they grow up and act like adults for once and focus on stuff that is important to our whole environment.

There are countries in this world that seem to think their environment is extremely important and they put a lot of time and effort into maintaining it to keep it so, here in the UK it falls way behind anything else.

I accept that there are lots of important issues but it would be nice if the Government thought the environment and farming were also important.

Lynette Mills,




Give your views to the council on traffic in our city

DAVID Deamer makes a plea for a restriction on large freight vehicles accessing the city centre (The Press, Letters, Saturday, June 1).

City of York Council is currently preparing a Local Transport Strategy and this is the opportunity to reconfigure York’s streets to deliver a better balance of Movement and Place.

“Movement" means allowing necessary access for motor vehicles; “Place" promotes streets that are better suited for pedestrians, wheelers and cyclists; creating places where residents and visitors want to linger rather than rushing through as quickly as possible.

Chris Polack,

Wigginton Road,



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