THIS week, the Green Party unveiled our plans for health and social care, proposing an additional £50 billion per year by 2030 to fund it.

Naturally, people ask where this money will come from.

After 14 years of austerity and underinvestment in the NHS, we've repeatedly heard stories of patients unable to get care or see a GP on the same day.

Prior to that, private finance initiatives from the Labour Party left many trusts in significant debt. Politicians must be honest with the public about the need for substantial investment.

Regarding funding, we propose taxing the wealthy - specifically, a modest 1 per cent on assets over £10 million and over 2 per cent on assets over £1 billion. Additionally, aligning Capital Gains Tax with Income Tax is crucial. Currently, unearned income is taxed less than earned income, which is unfair. Together, these measures could raise £40-60 billion annually for the NHS, offering real hope and change.

Moreover, a group of patriotic millionaires has advocated for higher taxes on the wealthy, recognizing that a fair society benefits everyone.

This is about ensuring dignity and care for those in need, supported by a fair redistribution from those who have thrived, especially during the pandemic.

Lars Kramm,

Green Party candidate for York Central,

Manor Heath,