What about a station at Askham Bar Park & Ride?

I HAVE always wondered why York has not got a station by Askham Bar Park & Ride.

The main line from north to south runs right past it and it would make it so much easier for local commuters all round.

No fight through traffic and ample parking… surely it is a no brainer!

I personally would use a train far more often, especially as I would avoid an expensive taxi when travelling to and from the city centre.

Those who need to get on and off in the city itself could still do so.

A lot of smaller tourist destinations such as Stratford-on-Avon have one so why not York?

Has it ever been discussed by the council?

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What next? Don't eat pasta?

A FURTHER illustration, if one was needed, as to how ridiculously woke academics in this country have become, is their latest pronouncement concerning horticulture.

We are advised to be wary of growing blooms beloved by generations of gardeners for their connection to wealth attained by people involved in the slave trade over 300 years past.

How long before they tell us not to eat pasta because the Romans have yet to apologise for their legions raping and pillaging 2,000 years ago?

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,