A “beautiful” coastal spot in North Yorkshire has been crowned one of Britain’s “little-known hip towns” worth visiting by The Telegraph, but where on earth could this be and what does it mean?

Travel experts have recommended visitors should flock to Staithes instead of Whitby, now the warmer months of the year are upon us as it’s one of the lesser-known seaside locations to soak up the sun.

Described as one of Yorkshire’s “loveliest secrets”, the village has been named an alternative to Whitby due to its “steeply walled cove rich with fishing and artistic history” among many other appealing factors.

Commenting on the full list, The Telegraph explained: “Overtourism, Instagram and a pandemic-induced domestic tourism surge that has morphed into a major trend mean the UK’s most popular destinations are crowded and clamorous in the sunnier seasons – and, in some cases, year-round.

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“But, since we fell in love with such European second-tier destinations as Bergamo, Bilbao, Bergen and Nîmes – opened up by no-frills flights – how about swapping swamped UK towns for their hip sisters?

“Some are suburbs, others similar-sized rivals, a few are secret little jewels up the road. What can you expect? Warmer, more personalised service. Smaller local restaurants and quieter pubs. Less competition for hotel rooms. You’ll also experience a sense of discovery and of not following the traffic – two holy grails of good travels.”

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Why is Staithes one of Britain’s 'little-known hip towns'?

The publisher revealed: “Dracula has pulling power, as does the Gothic ruin in whose shadow he preyed on Mina and Lucy.

“Even on weekends when there isn’t a Goth festival (these are very frequent indeed), beer festival, folk festival or some other jamboree, the harbour and town can feel frenetic.”

It added: “The tiny, beautiful village of Staithes – just a few miles north – is one of Yorkshire’s loveliest secrets.

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“It sits in a steeply walled cove rich with fishing and artistic history. It has an old real-ale boozer named after its most famous resident, Captain Cook.

“A heritage centre in a former Methodist Chapel commemorates his adventures.

“The Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage (staithesfestival.com), takes place every September. Goths and emos are welcome, but black hair and nails not obligatory.”