WOW! Perseverance pays off.

Barbara Smith has been cultivating a tansy plant at her York home for five years and for the first time has seen the rare tansy beetle that thrives on its leaves and flowers.

Posting this photo of the jewel-coloured insect in The Press Camera Club, she said: "I'm feeling humbled. I've been nurturing my tansy patch for five years. Today for the first time, I have two of these little beauties."

Known as the ‘Jewel of York’, the rare tansy beetle is a real treat for nature watchers.

With its iridescent green-and-bronze body it is hard to miss - but difficult to spot.

York Press: Tansy beetle in the Bishopthorpe garden of Barbara Smith. Photo supplied by Barbara SmithTansy beetle in the Bishopthorpe garden of Barbara Smith. Photo supplied by Barbara Smith

This insect is found in only a few places in the UK with the banks of the River Ouse in and near York one of the rare sites.

Normally, the best time of the year to spot the beetles is in late summer because the pupae hatch as young adults in August and can be seen on the distinctive yellow tansy plant flowers that border the Ouse until September.

Let's hope Barbara sees a lot more of these rare tansy beetles in her garden at Bishopthorpe!

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