Will Labour or Lib Dems do better given bleak finances?

SHOCK horror as we are plummeted into another political reshuffling: a July General Election this time.

We all are sitting on this political chessboard-world of whose side to vote for yet again.

Don't play too many games, too many times.

Our Prime Minister appeared to fail on most of his election promises: the boat crisis, NHS crisis etc, but he gave us all a few quid to ease our financial energy bills.

Short lived however.

Personally my inability to have or afford a dentist because the NHS care is as rare as hen's teeth is my grievance.

As we pay billions in fighting a East-West conflict our defences drain our economy, but sadly we have no choice because of this threat to world security.

Will Labour or Lib Dems do any better given the bleak financial future that they will inherit?

Phil Shepherdson,




Larry the cat made the right move - indoors!

LARRY the cat, venerable and long-serving mouser at Number 10, has made his move.

It took place on Wednesday May 22 during the Prime Minister’s Downing Street speech, announcing July 4th as Election Day (I nearly said ‘Independence Day’!).

Larry’s sensible move was from the window ledge outside his famous home to indoors as the rain gathered pace.

Meanwhile, his ‘master’ doggedly persisted, receiving a drenching in the process. It may have been my eyes but did his sodden suit visibly shrink in real time?

By his common-sense, paw-jerk reaction, was Larry reinforcing his claim to continuing his residency at his famous address in the event of a change in personnel? At least we haven’t yet heard the slogan ‘Larry for PM!’ What do you mean, ‘Just a matter of time’?

While admiring the PM’s perseverance at the lectern, I hope the team behind that black door will club together to buy Rishi of ‘Rishimond’ an umbrella and raincoat!

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive,



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An election night moment to look forward to

I'M looking forward to enjoying a 'Portillo moment' on election night when Julian Sturdy loses York Outer to Labour's Luke Charters.

Christopher Rainger

Grange Street,



Think before you vote!

A GENERAL Election is to be called this summer. If Labour get in, which seems highly likely, may God have mercy on our souls.

The Conservatives have their faults, no doubt about that, but they've got to be better than Labour.

Think before you vote!

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,