A MUCH-LOVED York business is expanding into North Yorkshire.

Oleria Patisserie and multi-cultural delicatessen opened a second base in the city back in Summer 2022 at 78-80 Gillygate - the former home of Tarts and Titbits.

This was in addition to its existing cafe and patisserie in Bootham opposite the pedestrian entrance to Bootham School.

York Press: Some of the food on offer at OleriaSome of the food on offer at Oleria (Image: Supplied)

The brand has become a firm favourite with locals and now they plan to open a third outlet in Cheltenham Parade, Harrogate.

The lady behind the patisserie, gift shop and speciality grocery store, Leah Williams, said she has long been looking for larger premises and is delighted to be expanding into North Yorkshire.

York Press: The window display at Oleria Patisserie The window display at Oleria Patisserie (Image: Supplied)

"At Oleria Patisserie we try to find products which are not easily found in north of England," said Leah.

"The idea was to bring to the north the luxury you can find in London.

"Also, knowing that many people in York have lived abroad and others are from different cultural backgrounds, we want to give customers the comfort of having something familiar and for others the opportunity to explore something new.

"Food brings people together and we are proud of the high quality of products.

"People’s approach since we opened has been incredible, and allowed us to expand Oleria Patisserie giving us the opportunity to forward our knowledge and promote our products at 16, Cheltenham Parade in Harrogate too."

York Press: Leah WilliamsLeah Williams (Image: Supplied)

Gillygate and Harrogate will both be food focused and although, no date has yet been set for the Harrogate opening, Leah said she hopes to be open soon.

The brand can be found on social media and they hope soon to be able to sell their products online.

York Press: Oleria Patisserie in GillygateOleria Patisserie in Gillygate

Leah said: "We've had to go through some changes and have had to relocate our Oleria Patisserie branch in 42 Bootham to our branch in 78-80 Gillygate.

"Unfortunately we haven’t succeeded in finding larger premises in York.

"For a long time we tried to negotiate over 3, Blake Street, but that wasn't to be, sadly and now 16, Cheltenham Parade in Harrogate has welcomed us.

"And soon 42, Bootham will introduce our selections of luxurious fashion.

"We are very grateful and thankful to all our customers past, present and future for supporting our independent business."

York Press: Oleria canapés combining the flavours of three cultures Greece, Italy and LebanonOleria canapés combining the flavours of three cultures Greece, Italy and Lebanon (Image: Supplied)