S MCCLAREN'S criticism Parliament Street York is more than justifiable.

How can a premier street in a tourist city be in such a deplorable state?

You hear all sorts of excuses regarding subsidence into old basements and the likes.

But the major problem lies more with the avenue of trees - the roots are so destructive and unstoppable.

A large tree at the side of the St John's Street car park has raised the footpath by at least a foot in the last couple of years, high enough to create a trip hazard.

Cropping the trees is next to useless; the only remedy is to remove the offending trees, level the site and if necessary plant size-appropriate trees

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,




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Free energy lies beneath all of us - let's use it!

I FIND our latest news headlines regarding Gateshead creating earth power beneath our feet as annoying!

Firstly my multitude of letters over months if not years to the Press, highlighting this unique advantage in using thermal energy from disused coal mines to heat our homes, created not a whisper of acknowledgement from our York Council. Why? Too much trouble for analysis?

Beneath our York feet is an deep oasis of subterranean wells adequate for creating an environment for warm energy for heating our homes.

Close by, lie disused coal mine shafts filled with geothermal heated water.

I know because once I tested their (bods cods) purity for the job I was investigating at that time.

Gateshead and now hopefully other councils should engage within this free energy freebie.

This stranglehold of grasping profit motivated energy companies must be held in check: if only for the sake of this fragile earth.

We haven't much time if we cop out with our heads in the sand of time.

Phil Shepherdson,