Peeping Javelin Like Derek Reed (Wright’s Pork Pies, stuff of legend, May 13), I too was intrigued to see the photograph of May 9.

Not so much for the shop fronts as for the car whose nose was peeping into shot.

Older readers would recognise it as a Bradford-built Jowett Javelin, this model produced from 1947 to 1953. The Javelin was joined in 1950 by the open-top sports variant the Jupiter.

Both models enjoyed international sporting success, the latter winning their class at Le Mans for three consecutive years.

As an long time Jowett enthusiast, I suggest the owner of the car photographed had good taste not only in his/her love of Wrights pork pies, but also in their choice of motor car!

Geoff McAuley, Galtres Avenue, York