Canteen workers at a North Yorkshire power station have secured a 19 per cent pay rise after weeks of strikes.

Drax canteen workers employed by BaxterStorey walked out of the station near Selby for six weeks in December.

This week BaxterStorey agreed to an additional £1 per hour site bonus, on top of the UK Living Wage which is £12.

The Unite union said this is equivalent to a pay rise of up to 19.2 per cent from January 1 for the predominantly female workforce.

Diane Power, Unite rep at the Drax canteen, said: “Most of us at the canteen had never really considered getting organised in a union before. But the last couple of years have been difficult for all of us because of the cost-of-living crisis.

“Everyone is really pleased with the pay deal and it’s such a great feeling knowing we stood up together and supported each other to achieve it.”

Sharon Graham, Unite's general secretary, said: “A huge congratulations to Drax’s canteen workers who fought hard for a fair pay rise and won.

“Their determination on the picket line and refusal to back down is an inspiration, particularly to other women workers.

“Their victory is at the core what of Unite is about: defending and improving our members’ jobs, pay and conditions.”

Unite said negotiations between the union and BaxterStorey to sign an agreement recognising Unite as the workers’ union were “still ongoing but moving forward constructively”.

Unite workplace reps will meet with the company in October to begin their next annual pay review, the union added.

The Press has approached BaxterStorey for comment.