THE leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, met with the new Mayor of York and North Yorkshire to help develop a 'gold standard' for growing local economies.

At the first meeting with Labour’s mayors since the local elections, Keir Starmer said that boosting regional growth will be “top of the agenda” in Labour’s devolution plans. 

The meeting, held in the West Midlands, follows a successful set of local elections with Labour’s David Skaith winning the mayoralty in York and North Yorkshire.

Keir Starmer, Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves held the meeting to hear about the mayors’ plans to boost regional economic growth in their area.

David Skaith, Mayor of York and North Yorkshire, has pledged to create a region that develops new technologies and practices that support food production, green energy, such as the BioYorkshire programme. 

York Press: David Skaith was announced Mayor of York and North Yorkshire on May 3David Skaith was announced Mayor of York and North Yorkshire on May 3 (Image: Newsquest)

The Labour leader also set out how a Labour government would partner with mayors across the country to power-up growth in their regions. Setting out his commitment to helping Mayors boost regional economic growth.

David Skaith, Mayor of York and North Yorkshire, said: "The people of York and North Yorkshire have made clear their desire for change. Labour Mayors across Yorkshire backed by a Labour Government would rapidly speed up the delivery of that change.

"North Yorkshire has great ambitions for economic growth and an exciting opportunity under our new devolution deal. We are ready to work with a Labour Government led by Keir to deliver for everyone across York and North Yorkshire."

Sir Keir Starmer spoke ahead of the first meeting of Labour’s new mayors and said: "These local elections showed that the British public is ready to put their trust in this changed Labour Party. We will repay that trust by delivering economic growth for everyone, everywhere in partnership with our Labour mayors.


"Our growing team of Labour mayors is already setting the agenda and delivering for local people despite a failing Tory government that is choking off our economy and hoarding power in Westminster.

"My Labour government would rebuild our economy hand in hand with local leaders. That’s why boosting growth across every region will be top of the agenda for our devolution plans. Drawing on the expertise and ideas of Labour mayors who know their communities best, we can set the ‘gold standard’ for delivering local growth.

"With our sleeves rolled up and plans already being developed before a general election, Labour will be ready from day one. We’ll turbocharge growth across our towns, cities and regions, put more money in people’s pockets and improving living standards across Britain."

The Conservative's have responded to the claims made by Labour, party chairman, Richard Holden said: "Sir Keir Starmer’s metro mayors have spent more time wading in on international issues they have no control over rather than delivering on people’s priorities.

"We are boosting regional growth and creating thriving communities, investing over £15 billion in projects across the UK and backing 75 towns through our Long-Term Plan for Towns. Labour would take us back to square one."