A PARTY band have been out in the sunshine entertaining the crowds in York.

As The Press first reported at the weekend, Huge entertained hundreds of shoppers in York city centre on Saturday afternoon with live renditions of classics such as ‘Stayin’ Alive!’ and ‘Stop! In the Name of Love.’

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The band set up their stall at the bottom of Parliament Street – and were soon surrounded by a ring of excited spectators.

York Press: Selfie timeSelfie time (Image: Supplied)

It is 34 years since Huge first took to the streets busking for St Leonard’s Hospice.

Huge were first to ever play York Baribican and who have sold out the Grand Opera House 30 times but always return to Parliament Street when the sun comes out.

“York looks beautiful with the sun on her shoulders. Let’s get you dancing,” said frontman Big Ian as Parliament Street on Saturday was perfect setting to bring all generations.

Not a cloud in the sky, zero chance of rain, not a flood warning in sight.

“There’s something very special about playing in the city centre. You get to play to people visiting from all over the world. We had people from Manilla, San Francisco, Sydney and Beijing all singing along.”

York Press: Big Ian entertaining the crowdsBig Ian entertaining the crowds (Image: Supplied)

There was also a surprise in the audience as Felix Mason, the band’s original bassist from 1990 was back in York visiting family which was a wonderful moment.

Playing a mix of brass heavy crowd favourites by Justin Timberlake, Elton John, The Killers and Bruno Mars hen nights, shoppers, families and children all danced together.

The song that proved the biggest hit was “Murder on the Dancefloor” given a renaissance by the film Saltburn.

York Press: An impromptu conga An impromptu conga (Image: Supplied)

The band had a special guest Emily Lawler sitting in with them on violin who proved a very popular addition with the crowd.

“Our links with St Leonard’s Hospice goes back a long time. As well as it being one of the chosen charities for A Night to Remember at York Barbican my mother-in-law was a nurse on its first ever shift back in 1985.”

York Press: Huge performing in Parliament Street, YorkHuge performing in Parliament Street, York (Image: Supplied)

Ian announced that he will be hosting the Hospice’s 40th celebration Ruby Ball Saturday, March 15 next year at York Racecourse with Huge filling the dancefloor.

In three hours of baking sun George Hall keyboard case was full of £936, $3, 5 euros and a disposable lighter.

An anonymous donator has rounded that figure up to £1,000 to be given to St Leonard’s Hospice.

Huge are next playing at Huntington WMC this Friday, May 17 where tickets are available £16 from the venue and at https://events.liveit.io/white-house-creative/huge/

York Press: A selfie with IanA selfie with Ian (Image: Supplied)