Pocklington-based manufacturer of Wagyu beef, Warrendale Wagyu, has received the esteemed King’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category for 2024.

The country’s leading supplier of Wagyu beef has been recognised in the International Trade category of the King’s Awards.

The company says this delivers a customer-led approach, recognition for which will see the company joining over 7,000 enterprises that have also received this Royal recognition.

Warrendale Wagyu says it is a unique, fully integrated supply chain which was founded on the principle of producing the highest quality British Wagyu beef consistently and in a sustainable manner.


The business is currently working in partnership with over 600 farmers across the country who can take advantage of the scheme’s flexibility in order to make it work for their specific system.

It says it strives to continuously improve the quality of livestock throughout the chain. From day one to entering the food chain, the team work hard to create localised supply chain triangles wherever possible.

Warrendale Wagyu also “focusses on harnessing the strengths of its farmers and the topography of the landscape across the country, to ensure quality and sustainability remain at the forefront of its manufacturing process”.

Jim Bloom, founder of Warrendale Wagyu, further commented: “Receiving the King’s Award is an honour for Warrendale Wagyu after founding the business seven years ago.

York Press:

“We work closely with many farmers across the UK to produce British Wagyu beef and are also very fortunate to have established some long-term customers who value the product and supply chain we have created. The award is great recognition of our efforts in building relationships and working with some great partners to create sustainable business.”

Warrendale supplies leading retailers such as Aldi with its meats, which it also sells from its website.

It also launched a special Wagyu sausage for Waitrose.

Last month, Warrendale launched a range of pre-rubbed meats for the BBQ season.

It also makes a fat-washed gin.

In the run-up to last Christmas, the business also reported its busiest day ever, as people increasingly prefer beef to turkey for their Christmas dinner.