A NEW bar in York has introduced a semi-automatic cocktail making machine - which can create 99 different cocktails.

Lounge 46, in Walmgate, opened as a café and bar in December last year. Owner Joe Moore said the past few months had been deliberately quiet while the new business finds its feet.

However, as they gear up for summer, Joe has introduced a new state-of-the-art cocktail making machine, which can make 99 different cocktails at the push of a button.

He said: "It doesn't matter who makes the cocktail now, it will be made consistently right every time. 

"There's also no waste, and its self cleaning."

York Press: The cocktail machine, which can make 99 cocktailsThe cocktail machine, which can make 99 cocktails (Image: Harry Booth)

All orders on the cocktail machine can be inputted via the tablet display. It then instructs the user on what glass to use, before filtering in the correct ingredients from the below storage area.

Joe added that he hopes that Lounge 46 will become a destination for those visiting Walmgate's collection of popular restaurants. With evening opening hours being introduced every day of the week for Summer.

Alongside the cocktails, Joe said that Lounge 46 is continuing its "coffee and a cake" deal through the day time, whereby customers who purchase both at the same time can do so for five pounds.