AT the latest well-attended York protest calling for a ceasefire in Gaza (May 9th) there were extremely thoughtful speeches, including solidarity from two trade unionists from the Philippines and Myanmar and from families with relatives in Gaza.

While the belated effort of Biden to slow the flow of US armaments to Israel was welcomed, it is appalling that the UK is not applying an immediate embargo on arms supplies to Israeli forces that have yet again blocked water, food and medical aid to over a million refugees in Rafah.

Hamas was also condemned but thousands of children are still dying in a war zone where even UN and British aid workers have been killed with weapons supplied from this country.

Genocide and war crimes are being committed daily and we must urgently call out our political leaders Cameron, Sunak and Starmer - not in my name.

Andy D'Agorne,

Broadway West,



Royal relations must be 'very strained'

RELATIONS between father and son must be very strained when diary commitments are the reason for not meeting.

I can't believe the King was fully engaged on public duties every hour Harry was in the country, his excuse was certainly benefitting of a caring parent, or was it a deliberate act publicly indicating a final breakdown.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,



Spark is so popular - I'm going there for lunch!

NEVER mind six years of Spark - I’m just waiting to celebrate Mr Laverack’s 100th letter of complaint about it. We must be nearly there.

Meanwhile, Spark is so popular that they need stewards to control the queues at busy times.

I'm just off there now for my lunch.

Anthony Day,

Lastingham Terrace,



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