A MUCH larger HQ than earlier planned has been approved for a thriving Pocklington business.

Tyre wholesaler Bond International was due to start work last year on the building but rapid and continued expansion needed something even bigger.

Work is now to start on a 2,895m2 scheme following its approval by East Yorkshire Council.

The HQ will now have four, not three, floors, and will accommodate over 200 staff. Facilities include Gym, Yoga Studio,Golf Simulator, Games Room including Pool Table and F1 Simulator.


Commercial director Simon Ewbank told the council the firm’s turnover had doubled from £162million in 2018 to £342m, with £400m-plus expected in 2024. Staffing was up from 350 in 2018 to over 1,000 this year.

Previous plans had not included deals with Halfords and a new Scottish department set to fuel growth further, adding to other plans due in the next year or two that remain commercially sensitive.

He warned: “Without our new HQ we will have no option but to move out of the area. This isn’t a threat, and I don’t want it to sound like that, but simply fact. The current building cannot sustain this growth, and we will have to move somewhere. With no options in the local area, this will inevitably mean moving out of the area.”