IT'S polling day - and one of our favourite parts of elections is when people take their dogs with them to vote!

We've been asking for readers to send in photos of their dogs outside polling booths across York as the York and North Yorkshire mayoral election gets underway.

We've already had an early morning entry from Elsie in York - and have spotted that Brigadier Betty of York has been at it too!

This photo of Betty on X really made our morning!

York Press: Dogs at polling stations - Brigadier Betty of York. Image from XDogs at polling stations - Brigadier Betty of York. Image from X

So if you are off to vote today in the York and North Yorkshire mayoral elections, don't forget to take your dog with you and send us a photo of them outside the polling station.

(You'll also need to take some ID - for you, not the dog - to cast your vote).

This bit of election day fun has become a tradition, with people sharing their photos on social media - (#DogsatPollingStations is one of the best trends on the internet for pet lovers).

So if you are taking part, please do send us a photo at The Press and we will share your snaps with readers.

You can send your photos straight to our newsroom via the 'send now' link at the bottom of this article.

But do remember some important rules if you are going to vote with your dog in tow.

Unless you have an assistance dog, your pet will have to stay outside while you cast your ballot.

No selfies or photos are allowed inside the polling station, but you can take snaps freely outside - get one of your pooch with the 'polling station' sign for maximum impact.

For more voting dos and don'ts (with our without a dog) visit

Still wondering who to vote for, then you can read our article on all the candidates standing for York and North Yorkshire here: