A PUBLISHER is celebrating 25 years with a new book about prehistoric Yorkshire.

The Blackthorn Press, which is based in Pickering, is marking the anniversary with the new book about by its founder, Alan Avery.

Prehistoric Yorkshire is intended for the residents and visitors to Yorkshire who have an interest in the prehistory of Britain’s largest county.

Alan said it provides a layman’s guide to the sites which are considered worth visiting and puts those sites into their prehistoric context.

He said: "The aim is to produce an accessible synthesis which will appeal to interested members of the general public, rather than the expert, yet without loss of content or accuracy.

"After all these years of publishing I had in mind a book about Yorkshire’s Prehistory and set about writing the book some three years ago."

Alan studied History and Archaeology at the University of Wales and then King’s College, London.

He said: "The book has been a pleasure to write with field trips out with my wife Anne to take photographs for the book and check on facts and figures.

"We hope the book will interest the general public as well as those with an interest in our county’s archaeology and prehistory."

The Blackthorn Press was founded back in1999 to publish books and ebooks about Yorkshire’s local history and in that time has covered most of the major towns and cities and many villages as well as biographies of famous Yorkshire men and women.

Prehistoric Yorkshire by Alan Avery. ISBN 9781906259693. 148 pages. 82 Colour Illustrations. 13.8 x 21.6 cm. Paperback £14.95, Ebook £9.99. Available from Amazon and bookshops.